Julia/Guiliana, 2008


duration: 8'30"                                                      sounddesign/music: Danny Weijermans                                         photography: Awoiska van der Molen                                                  design: Esther Kokmeijer                                                     production: Impakt Works, Manon Bovenkerk                                      distribution: EYE, Amsterdam

Julia/Guiliana is an intermediate form of animation, cinema and graphic novel. The story is narrated in filmstills, comprised of delicate charcoal drawings and photographs of impassable modernistic architecture. Unable to truly relate to her surroundings, Julia sinks deeper and deeper into solitude and doubt. Is the woman she thinks she is seeing really her doppelgänger or just a hallucination? The film is an exploration of the possibilities of ‘sequential narrative’, as well as a personal declaration of love for a famous actress from the cinema of the 60’s.

Julia/Guiliana was developed during an artist-in-residency at KiK, thanks to Fonds BKVB (Mondriaan Foundation).

The dvd is for sale in the Filmbank shop, or send me an email. price €10 plus shipping.

Julia/Guiliana, 2008 Julia/Guiliana, 2008 Julia/Guiliana, 2008 Julia/Guiliana, 2008