Ocnophilia, 2006


duration: 5'30", black&white

sounddesign: Danny Weijermans

Two women, one seemingly no longer amongst the living, play a game of attrack and repel in claustrophobic rooms and hallways. The outside is a desolate landscape of stark and unforgiving architecture. Inside, the desperate need for contact leads to physical obsession, strange infections and croup-like tumors.

This visceral horror story is constructed entirely out of precise and refined charcoal drawings. Movement is suggested by slight camera movements and the suspenseful soundtrack by Danny Weijermans. Ocnophilia, meaning an extreme attachment to certain objects and persons, is also the title of the book published simultaneously with the film. The book uses the same drawings to arrive at a 'sequential narrative'.

Ocnophilia is distributed by EYE, Amsterdam

Ocnophilia, 2006 Ocnophilia, 2006 Ocnophilia, 2006 Ocnophilia, 2006